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Under 35? Get ahead of the curve

Getting in early gives you more time to build your wealth & plan for your future. Before you’re caught in finance traps, talk to the professionals.

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Between 35 and 55? It's crunch time.

Thinking finances only means bills, mortgages & endless expences? Let us reframe your relationship with money so your dollars work harder for you.

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Over 55? Reap the benefits.

Retirement on the horizon? We’ll help prepare your desired lifestyle. Let us strategically focus your investments, matching finances+spending forecasts

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servicesEthica Private Wealth Specialists can help you to accumulate wealth, protect it and enjoy it!

Investment Strategies

Uncover the investment strategies relevant to your situation and goals.

Gearing/Borrowing to invest

You don’t have to wait for the cash; invest sooner with borrowed funds

Retirement Planning

Plan your retirement so you can fund your ideal lifestyle.

Wealth Creation

Tick all the boxes across your financial portfolio to build greater wealth.


Sort out your super for tax efficient savings for your retirement.

Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

Get hands-on creating and managing your own super fund.

Life Insurance

Protect your home, family and income from the uncertainties of life.

Lending & Finance

Partner with our expert finance broker for streamlined lending options.

Estate Planning

More than just preparing your Will; get your estate financially in order.


Because life is full of uncertainties, Ethica Private Wealth Specialists believe that planning for a better future is the best way to achieve it!We will work with you towards your specific goals so you can enjoy the lifestyle you desire now and in the future.

Free 2 Hour Wealth Creation Discovery Session

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