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Ethica Private Wealth Specialists helps everyday people like you to find financial freedom. We understand that financial freedom looks different for everyone depending on where you’re at in life. Whether it’s setting yourself up to be debt free, travelling more, supporting your family or retiring, we can guide you through these transitions with our professional team of experienced financial planners.


We’re here to help you achieve your financial goals, but we’re more than just a financial advisor. At Ethica Private Wealth Specialists we genuinely care about your needs and always put them first and foremost. We strongly believe in freedom through choice and act with integrity and honesty in everything we do.

18-35 years

Understand Your Options and Get a Head Start

Getting your finances in order earlier in life is a positive step towards a healthier financial future. Now is the perfect time to set your financial goals to achieve your ideal lifestyle.

35-55 years

Balancing Priorities & Securing Your Financial Future

It’s during these years that a clear, financial path can help to reduce the stress of never ending bills, while also strengthening your financial foundations for years to come.

55+ years

Asset Protection and Lifestyle Planning

Now that retirement is close, we can help restructure your finances and provide support through this significant transition period.

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Ethica Private Wealth Specialists can help you to accumulate wealth, protect it and enjoy it!

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Ethica Private Wealth Specialists can help you to accumulate wealth, protect it and enjoy it!

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