35-55 years

Balancing Priorities & Securing Your Financial Future

What does your financial blueprint look like between 35-55?

Here’s a snapshot of what you need to know.

This period is pivotal to ensuring a bright financial future for you and your family. It’s the time to capitalise on your earning potential, while also effectively dealing with the growing outgoing demands like mortgages, school fees and living.


Putting in place key financial strategies is fundamental to securing the life you’d like to live and we’re well equipped to help you do this.

There are a few key tips for people within this age group to seriously consider.

Establishing a budget provides you with a basic financial framework. Knowing where your money is spent and identifying any holes in your budget to find money that can be saved instead of wasted, helps to lay firm foundations giving you the freedom to effectively work towards your financial goals.


Budgets however, are not static and require regular reviewing especially when significant changes happen in your life. Like when your children go to school, or a car upgrade is needed, even planning holidays.


The biggest challenge with any budget is sticking to it however, if you’re able to do so, the financial rewards are real.

Sometimes we only think of insurances for our assets like homes or businesses and neglect considering insurances to protect ourselves as individuals. As this is typically a prosperous time in our lives it’s important to safeguard yourself and your earnings.


There’s a few insurances to consider depending on your respective circumstances. These include:


-Income Protection

-Trauma Insurance

-Total and Permanent Disability Insurance

-Life Insurance

-Business Insurance

This is the time when borrowing money (in most circumstances) is necessary and it could be a new house, business or car you’re looking to buy. Finding the right lender that suits your financial situation can sometimes be overwhelming and stressful. But it doesn’t have to be.


With our ability to access more than 50 lending partners, we can find the best solutions for you and complete any required paperwork. We’re here to streamline the process, making it as easy as possible for you to make informed financial choices.


And with so many options to consider including, mortgages, investment and business loans, refinancing or leasing, it helps to have expert and knowledgeable support on your side.

Astute financial choices can help set you up for life during this period. And when you have access to strategies like investment loans, dollar cost averaging or diversification, it’s important to find the right solutions for you.


What’s more, we can help you utilise the most appropriate tax and investment structures to significantly impact your bottom line and maximise your tax entitlements like Medicare Surcharge and private health.


Let us work collaboratively with you, to help implement your chosen wealth strategies.

There are two superannuation investments to consider at this time. Investing in an established fund or creating your own self-managed super fund.


Finding the right established fund means comparing profiles, fees and rate structures to determine the right fit. This is a popular and common choice for many. However, there’s no one fit solution and in some instances setting up your own superannuation fund is more effective. While there is greater control and some tax advantages with this investment option, there are also increased risks and higher costs.


As with everything, there are always advantages and disadvantages to assess. At Ethica Private Wealth Specialists we can provide expert advice to help you decide the best investment options for your unique circumstances.

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