Ever wonder what makes some people work until they’re 80 and others retire at 50? The answer is often much more complex than a person simply loving or hating a job. Most people retire early for a variety of reasons, and surprisingly it’s not always due to old age.

Check out our list of the 7 real reasons why most Australians are retiring early on in life.

1.Not happy with their work.

It’s both not surprising and surprising that the number one reason Australians retire early is due to being unhappy with their job. However, people who retire for this reason don’t immediately retire just because they have a bad day at work. Most people who retire for this reason often put up with as much as they can until they reach their retirement years and finally reach a stage where they feel they no longer want to or need to put up with the stresses of their work any longer.

2.Kids at home.

Anyone who retires for this reason, is not necessarily retiring because their adult children are still living in their basement. On the contrary, they usually retire once their children are financially independent and out of the house forever. They feel like any emotional or financial commitment to them has completely ended and now they can focus on enjoying their golden years.

3.Sudden health concerns.

It’s quite common for people to think more seriously about retirement after having a health scare of some kind. People often retire after getting sick with a major illness and want to enjoy the rest of their lives while many others are forced to retire due to either a terminal illness or just not being well enough to work.


Some people who are suddenly able to retire earlier on in life can retire due to receiving an inheritance or winning a large amount of money. Not everyone who falls in this category retires early because they decide to invest their money to help them build an even larger nest egg.

6.Family and friends are retiring.

Interestingly, after people see their family and friends plan for retirement and retire early, they decide to follow suit. Many people will also use the mistakes of their family and friends as a way to help them prepare better for their retirement years. Such as starting earlier and being smarter with their money.

The final reason, and perhaps one of the most desirable place to reach, is the ability to retire when the time is right. Meaning, they have the right amount of funds available and they are ready to embrace the changes retirement usually brings.

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