For many of us, there are a few unspoken rules about what is appropriate to talk about with others and what is not. One of those subjects happens to be about money, but is this really why Australians avoid talking about the subject? Perhaps many of us are just too ‘shy,’ which makes it difficult for us to get the money advice and help we may really need.

Some experts believe that the often stressful and overwhelming subject of money can often be relieved and some cases fixed if more of just talked about it. What are some other possible reasons Australians may be avoiding the subject? Well, one theory is that some of us may feel inferior to those who seem to have all of their ducks in a row when it comes to finances while other people in our inner circles may seem much more money savvy compared to the average person. Let’s face it, few people want to look the guy or gal that doesn’t know what they’re doing with their money.

Interestingly, more people are way off the mark when it comes to finances than we even know or realize, and we could be throwing away invaluable opportunities to make some big financial changes in those moments when we tense up and get too shy to share any of our personal finance challenges with someone who has at least some knowledge of how to make their money work for them. Additionally, it is a know fact that when we talk about our stresses and challenges, we tend feel somewhat relieved and in many cases, we could find the answers to our burning questions.

Different statistics and studies reveal the varying ideas about money and how ill-prepared many Australians actually are. *More than a third of Australians are just plain overwhelmed and stressed about money and a high percentage do not have a firm grasp on how to handle financial matters. In fact, many just “live in the now” and don’t even think about what might happen tomorrow.

The one thing about money is that it not an overly difficult subject to understand or grasp. Organising our finances doesn’t have to be a difficult task and with all of the technology, information, and professionals available to us, there is no good reason more Australians should not be prepared for the unexpected or have some retirement saving out aside.

The key certainly is budgeting, but where do we start? Many of us have varying  beliefs and understand money differently, however, that can easily be overcome when you search for and find a financial planner to help get you get started on your budget and financial plan right away. Talking to the right person could help set your mind at ease and help you become more confident when it comes to money talk.

*Source: 2014 Australian Securities and Investments Commission Report: Australian Financial Attitudes and Behavior Tracker.