Estate Planning

Estate Planning takes into consideration many factors not just a Will. It’s about ensuring the distribution of assets are completed in the most financially viable and tax effective way according to your wishes. Setting up an Estate Plan is a way to reduce the stress on the loved ones you leave behind.


We can give you professional advice on structuring an Estate Plan that will give you peace of mind, ensure your wishes are clearly recorded and safeguard your children’s inheritance. We will also work closely with your accountants and lawyers to ensure every detail is taken into consideration.

Here’s a snapshot of what you need to know.

As you move through life, you will acquire more asset. Ensure your loved ones are looked after, and your wishes are met with our estate planning services.


At this stage of life, you may start to acquire more financial assets and start a family. We can help establish an estate plan to ensure your estate is distributed according to your wishes.


Review your current plan as your portfolio (and family) grows. Keeping your estate plan up to date is important to ensure your estate is distributed as you see fit.


As your family grows, and grandchildren come in the mix, you may wish to further review your will and estate plan.

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