Most of our clients lead busy lives that they rarely have the time to manage their finances. We realise the importance of financial security to people in today’s day and age which is why we are dedicated to helping each of our clients plan for the future. We also make it a point to help our clients make educated decisions regarding their finances. One way we do that is by sharing valuable information and insights on online platforms that are most convenient to our clients.

Ethica Private Wealth Specialists are active on two main platforms – Facebook and LinkedIn. Feel free to follow us through these channels to receive useful financial updates from our company.


Facebook is perhaps the most widely used social media platform in the world. In order to reach as many of our clients and other interested parties as possible, we chose Facebook as the primary means to stay in touch. We regularly post informative articles written by our esteemed financial specialists from our very own website just in case you miss them when you visit our site or you want to share them to your friends. We also share the latest financial news from some of our most trusted sources. Of course, all our posts are not just about business. We occasionally share posts about local interests, trending topics, and other content you may find interesting.


LinkedIn is a preferred platform of professionals and businesses. Since these make up most of our client base, we also make sure to stay active on LinkedIn. Follow us here to find out more about our company, our financial solutions and what our services can do for you or your business.

Although we are most active on these platforms, it does not mean our clients’ options to stay in touch with us is limited. We also have other ways for you to contact us. For instance, you can visit our website’s Contact page for inquiries about our services or other matters. You can also contact us through our email address at or through our primary company phone number by dialing 61-7-54435577. Whatever your concern is, rest assured that our team will willingly lend an ear to provide you with viable financial solutions.

To speak with a financial planner in Maroochydore about any help our guidance to make better financial decisions, the simply contact us today.