When it’s time for your retirement, you have to ask yourself, how is your money situation? Do you have a retirement portfolio? You may have worked several decades and the time arrives to take a break, but you are not sure if your financial matters allow it. Some people prefer to manage their retirement portfolios themselves, but that may not be something you intend to do.

Sunshine Coast has experienced financial advisors that you can hire to provide help. An advisor will be responsible for some major aspects of managing your portfolio.

Catch a Break

Managing your retirement portfolio after leaving work may not be your vision of retiring. Most people already have an idea of how they want to spend the years after their retirement. Maybe you intend to go on a cruise across the globe, spend more time with family, or take up a new hobby. A financial adviser on the Sunshine Coast can take on the load that comes with managing your retirement funds. It will take your mind off money matters and give you time to do whatever you want.

Spending Money

After retirement, you may worry so much about spending money that you end up denying yourself things you can afford. A financial advisor can provide much-needed assistance in your spending plans. You can also learn how to use money without overdoing it. It may not seem possible but spending down assets during retirement can be quite tricky.


You should know how and when to start accessing your pension benefits. Financial advisors in Sunshine Coast such as Ethica will explain it if you don’t know when to start asking for your pension. They will guide you on the conditions and new laws that pensioners in Australia have to abide by also. An advisor will also explain what to do with your pension, in case you don’t have plans for it yet.

Having a Plan B

Sometimes things don’t always turn out the way you plan them, and you may find yourself in a crisis. In circumstances where you are no longer capable of making financial decisions, the expertise of a financial adviser will come in handy. Your family may not be capable of managing your portfolio, and that could mean problems. Even if you know how to manage a portfolio, having a financial adviser you can trust is a good fall back plan in case of an unfortunate scenario.

Objective Decisions

Most of the investors who manage their own money end up making emotional decisions without even knowing it. Making decisions without being objective could end up hurting your retirement portfolio. A financial adviser is someone who will guard you against doing that.

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