Buying your first home is undoubtedly a very exciting experience and an unforgettable milestone in life. With the freedom of home ownership comes the prospect of investing in your future while owning your own little piece of the world—this feeling is pretty amazing!

No matter how amazing purchasing your first home might feel, it can also be a daunting and confusing process, particularly when it comes to obtaining a mortgage on the Sunshine Coast. It’s important that you find a good financing company to work with; one that is not only capable of answering your questions, but also one that is with you each step of the way.

Prior to getting started on the search for your first home, it’s important that you have a sensible beginning. First, you want to find out how much you can borrow since this will determine what options are available to you. Nothing can be more disappointing when looking for a home and finding the ‘perfect one’ only to learn that you do not qualify for the necessary financing to secure your dream home, which is the reason why it’s essential that you also get pre-approved or accepted for the amount that you are able to borrow.

A quick Google search will most likely help you find a plethora of online calculators to help you with some general calculations, but nothing compares to having your own personal mortgage broker on the Sunshine Coast crunching the numbers for you and helping you understand the amount you may be able to borrow.

Another wonderful thing about having a pre-approval is that you will avoid the disappointment of not qualifying for right amount of funding for the home of your dreams. You can make an offer with confidence and clarity because you were prepared right from the start.

To help first-time home buyers get started on the process, our mortgage brokers are ready to help you prepare for one of the biggest decisions of your life! If you are ready to get started and want to find out how much you may be able to borrow for your first home, then contact our mortgage brokers on the Sunshine Coast to get the ball rolling by getting a pre-approval.