Your financial future is important to us. We’re passionate about helping you to find solutions to achieve a lifestyle that suits your personal circumstances.

Our team of experienced and professional financial planners in Maroochydore work closely with every client to collaboratively achieve outcomes that help bring you closer to financial freedom.

First Appointment

The first meeting is free of charge. It is about meeting a financial planner, understanding your current situation and financial goals, and working out how financial advice can benefit you. If you decide to proceed, we will discuss all fees and charges with you at this point.

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Strategy Development

With a clear understanding of your situation, your financial planner will work on developing the appropriate investment strategies to help you achieve your financial goals. Depending on your age, this might include wealth creation plans, retirement planning, geared investment strategies, superannuation planning and more.


Once you give the go-ahead, you and your financial planner will implement the plan together. This may involve setting up the investment and insurance products you choose. Your planner might also work with other specialist professionals, such as your banker, mortgage broker, accountant or solicitor where necessary.

Ongoing Planning

We understand that your financial plan isn’t a one off solution. Your circumstances, lifestyle and financial goals will change over time, and therefore it’s important your financial plan stays in step and, if other things change, it does too.

At regular intervals you and your financial planner can review progress towards your financial goals. This helps you decide if your plan needs to change. It also gives you an opportunity to review any new financial products or services, and look at any changes to legislation or taxation that may impact you.

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Assessment Session

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