Self Managed Super Funds

If overseeing your own assets and investment portfolio sounds more like you, then a Self Managed Super Fund could be the answer. While there are many benefits associated with having your own super fund there are increased costs and higher risks. There’s also many legal and compliance obligations to adhere too.

Here’s a snapshot of what you need to know.

This opportunity is not for everyone, but we can assess your financial circumstances and advise if this is a viable strategy for you to consider.

18-35 years

Your main priority is finding the right fund and making sure it’s set up correctly to maximise the benefits.

35-55 years

Now that your fund is set up, you have time on your side to watch your super grow. It’s called interest on interest.

55+ years

This is a critical time. Now is the time to consider your retirement years and how to accumulate the required funds within the cap limits.

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