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Investment Strategy Advisor On The Sunshine Coast

While investments can provide significant financial rewards, there are also certain risks associated with all investments. This makes it important to be well informed before making your investment decisions. A good investment strategy should take into account many different aspects of your unique financial and personal situations. This is not a one size fits all service.

At Ethica Private Wealth Specialists, we can take into consideration many investment strategies to find what is most suitable for you. Some investment advice we can provide includes the below.

Dollar cost averaging

This helps to remove the guesswork on your investments. It is a strategy that basically invests money over time, instead of in one lump sum.


How can you truly avoid putting all your eggs in one basket? We can help you look at different assets like, cash, bonds, shares and property investment strategies for example.

Borrowing to invest

A quick way to build your wealth where the interest payable on investment loans is normally tax-deductible.

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Here’s a snapshot of what you need to know.

Whatever your financial position, our investment portfolio advisors are here to help. We can assess your current financial situation and find the right planning and investment strategies for your unique circumstance. They will be tailored to help achieve your financial goals.

At Ethica Private Wealth Specialists, we love making a difference in peoples lives. Make an appointment today so you can meet with one of our experienced investment advisors Sunshine Coast locals have recommended to others..

18-35 Years

Investing regularly, with informed and considered investment strategies, is a fantastic way to achieve your personal goals. A considerable advantage of implementing your investment strategy earlier in life, is the beauty of compounding. You have the potential to generate earnings on on your earnings.

35-55 Years

Considering a variety of wealth building strategies including dollar cost averaging, diversification and borrowing to invest. These are all wise choices during this life stage.

Each of these strategies will help you create wealth to support your ideal lifestyle. They can also set the foundations for you to achieve your financial goals for the next ten to fifty years.

55+ Years

For those who are in a reasonable financial position, this is a time of consolidation and considered investment. Your approach may include blue chip stocks, salary sacrifice superannuation and perhaps even a self-managed super fund. However, if your retirement fund isn’t looking as robust as you’d like, then the time from 55 to retirement is a question of balancing risk with reward.

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