When people consider buying a home in Australia, they often think of reasons to move to either the Sunshine Coast or the Gold Coast. Which one is better? There will obviously be some differences, but both location certainly do have two things in common: gorgeous beaches and beautiful hinterland.

So why live on the Sunshine Coast as opposed to the Gold Coast? It really all comes down to personal preference. Both locations are great, but there are some differences. For example, the Gold Coast is much more commercial so it’s busier and has quite a few theme parks. The Sunshine Coast is the place to be if you prefer quieter beaches.

The Sunshine Coast also seems to have a much more laid back culture in general. Between Mooloolaba and Maroochydore, one can find quite a few beautiful beaches, a plethora of cafes and restaurants, shopping centres, and of course the lovely Maroochy River.

The Sunshine Coast also has plenty of markets and a world-class zoo attraction. If you get tired of the beach, the stunning Hinterland is about a 10 to 20-minute drive away from Maroochydore where you can enjoy the beautiful rolling hills that lead back to the sea. If you want to see more, you can simply keep driving about another 20 km from the Sunshine Coast to see the Glass House Mountains.

Sounds more like the perfect vacation spot, doesn’t it? It does make for a wonderful location for retirement, or possibly even a great spot for investing in a vacation home somewhere on the beach. The Gold Coast might be more popular, but the Sunshine Coast is generally cheaper and has so much to offer. It’s really all about personal preference though.

The Sunshine Coast has a population of approximately 330,000 people. The climate can be quite hot and humid in summer, and the daytime temperatures rarely get below 20 degrees in the winter season with winter nights often getting as low as 10 degrees. The temperatures and climate may not be for you, but taking the time to look into historical weather trends can help you decide whether or not this is where you want to hang your hat for rest of your life, or if you would rather invest in a hot vacation spot to help fund your desired retirement destination.

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