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There’s no doubt about it, superannuation is an extremely tax effective savings platform that impacts significantly during your working and retired lifetime. Legally all employers must contribute a fixed percentage of the pre-tax income to a super fund, which in essence means, an enforced savings plan for you.


Managing your super can involved a lot of planning and making a lot of choices along the way. Getting the right superannuation advice, be it self managed super or not, can make a real difference to your final super balance. We can provide that advice, based on your individual circumstances.


All you need to do is contact our superannuation financial advisors to arrange an obligation free chat. We can discuss your financial goals and if you choose, help you with your superannuation planning.

Here’s a snapshot of what you need to know.

There’s a few important turning points to consider over the course of your lifetime when it comes to Superannuation.

There’s many super funds to choose from, each offering different rates, fees and investment solutions. Don’t worry, we can cut through all the marketing hype and fine print to find the right fund for you.

Likewise, you may also be thinking about managing your own super. We can also provide self managed super fund advice when required.

18 – 35 years

Your main priority is finding the right fund and making sure it’s set up correctly to maximise the benefits available to you.

35 – 55 years

Now that your super fund is set up, you have time on your side to watch your it steadily grow. It’s called interest on interest.

55 + years

This is a critical time for superannuation management. Now is the time to consider your retirement years and how to accumulate the required funds within the cap limits. You might also be in a position where protecting wealth becomes more of a priority.

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