Many people get locked out of owning cars because they do not have money. There are several ways of financing car purchases and secured Sunshine Coast loans are some of them. Your lender will require security to give you this kind of loan.

A financial specialist can advise you on how to ensure that your finances are in order, which will enhance your chances of getting a loan approval. In most cases, the car will act as the security, meaning that, if you fail to make payments, the financiers will sell it to recover their money. You should make some other preparations for secured car loans as well.

Details of the Car

Some lenders will want to know the type of car you wish to buy before they can approve your loan. Car features are especially pertinent if the vehicle you purchase is the security for the loan. The engine and registration numbers of the car are also essential. In some instances, your lender may want to pay the dealer directly.

Car details will be helpful to them in such instances. You will also need to show the receipt of purchase, which the lender will treat as proof that the dealer received the payment for the car.

Proof of Income

Lenders will ask for proof of income documentation when you apply for a secured option for car finance in Sunshine Coast. These will include pay slips for the past few months. Group certificates or tax returns can suffice as proof of income for some lenders. There are other sources of income that lenders may approve, and you may need the guidance of your financial specialist to know which ones to present.


To stand a good chance of approval, you need to provide proper identification documents. Most lenders will ask for passports, driver’s licenses, or birth certificates. Some lenders may want to see your health insurance and it is, therefore, important to get one as part of the early preparation. A photo may be helpful for identification as well.

Records of credit History

When looking for a secured loan, your credit history will come under intense scrutiny. It is the only way for lenders to determine if you can make the periodic payments. They may ask to see credit card and loan statements as well. Lenders may consider your paid electricity, water or phone bills if you do not have credit card statements.

Your car goals can soon be possible with the right wealth management advice. Seek help from professionals like Ethica.

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