35 to 55: Balancing Priorities & Securing Your Financial Future

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Between 35 and 55 years of age you often have the greatest earning potential, but at the same time you have numerous demands competing for those earnings … partners, children, mortgages, school feels, travel, vehicles and more.

You know the financial obligations will just keep coming; that is why this is a very important time to secure your financial future. 

The team at Ethica Private Wealth Specialists on the Sunshine Coast can help you get financially organised, balancing the costs of today while protecting your financial future.

Understanding that life is busy and you don’t want another thing added to your to-do list, when you partner with Ethica the financial planning process is streamlined and organised so you can follow a simple strategy and let your money work harder for you.

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How Ethica Can Help YouBetter Financial Planning is in Our DNA

Budget and Saving Plans

How do you balance the costs of today while simultaneously protecting your financial future?

The first step is creating a budget and savings plan.

Superannuation: The Super Way To Save

Super is still one of the most tax effective savings vehicles available and while you’re aged 35 to 55 it’s crucial you utilise it to your best advantage for a comfortable retirement.

Lending: For more than just your Mortgages

Whether it’s for your first or multiple homes, cars, investments or business ventures, the key with loans is to find the most appropriate deal for your circumstances.

Wealth Creation: Invest in Your Future

With strong earning capacity and a clear wealth creation strategy, you have the potential to set yourself up for the kind of lifestyle you desire.

Insurance: Get Protected

Protecting yourself and your family with the right insurance can help ensure that whatever happens to you, your health or your earning capacity, the things you care about will be looked after.

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