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Mortgages and more

If you’re between 35-55, you’re in the age bracket most likely to borrow money. Whether you’re looking to buy your own home, an investment property, a car, business equipment or to invest in the share market, or perhaps you’re looking at leasing options, it’s a good idea to partner with a finance broker to ensure you get the right deal (plus save loads of time!).

The Team at Ethica Private Wealth Specialists is our experienced and authorised finance broker who can help you navigate the lending options available, explain all the jargon in plain English and prepare all the paperwork on your behalf.

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Your Sunshine Coast Mortgage Brokers

Ethica has access to funds through over 50 different lending partners – a lot more than you as an individual can get to. Plus, engaging a broker costs you no more than if you were to research all this yourself as the finance providers pay Ethica a commission rate that would normally go to their sales person.

Our commitment is to put your needs first, meaning you can trust that any advice you receive from Ethica is based on what is best for you and your interests – and not driven by commissions or sales targets

Ethica can help you with finance broking on:

  • Home Loans & Refinancing
  • Investment Loans
  • Car Finance
  • Business & Commercial Loans
  • Leasing
  • Wealth Creation Loans
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Sunshine Coast Home Loans

If you’re searching for a home loan to build or buy a new Sunshine Coast home, talk to Ethica. With up to 50 lending providers from which we can source, Ethica can help you find an appropriate deal for your circumstances, whether it’s your first house, investment property or retirement home.

Our team has worked in the industry for a long time and knows how to make the process as easy and cost effective as possible. To find the home loan deal for you, talk to Ethica today.


If you have an existing mortgage you’d like to refinance, our experienced finance team can help you there as well.

Whether you’re looking for a better deal, more flexibility with repayments, would prefer a line-of-credit loan or want to consolidate some debts into your home loan, as an experienced mortgage broker with access to dozens of different finance sources, the team at Ethica can help you work out the appropriate way to refinance your home loan – tailored for your circumstances.

Call us today on (07) 5443 5577 or fill out our online form and find out how Ethica can help make the process easy.

Investment Loans

Have you noticed your friends and colleagues are building up their investment portfolios and you want to get involved but don’t have the savings behind you?

Borrowing for investment purposes and taking advantage of gearing can be a tax effective way of increasing your net worth more quickly than using your own funds alone.

Want a loan to increase your property portfolio? Like to purchase shares? Need funds to invest in a business? Talk to our team now to find a competitive investment loan for your situation.

Investing to green business

The team at Ethica Private Wealth Specialists would love to help with your financing needs and invite you to a free consultation to discuss your goals further.

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Chattel Mortgages & Car Finance Sunshine Coast

Looking for car finance? There are a variety of ways to fund your next vehicle, such as a chattel mortgage. This can be an efficient way to own the equipment you need – a new car or four-wheel drive. The team at Ethica can help you with a chattel mortgage for passenger cars or commercial vehicles.

This form of funding can also be useful for financing earthmoving and construction equipment, dental, medical or veterinary equipment, plant and machinery, computer technology and more.

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Business & Commercial Loans

There are times when every business needs funding to grow – expanding into new locations, purchasing capital equipment or buildings, putting on more employees, increasing stock levels, updating shop-fitting and more.

The Ethica team can help you to find the appropriate business loans to ensure your operation can reach its potential.


There can be real advantages to leasing equipment rather than buying it – particularly from a tax perspective. Whatever you want to lease, the Ethica team can organise it for you – cars, 4WDs, earthmoving equipment, manufacturing equipment, computer systems and more.

We’ll work with you and your accountant to make sure you get the most tax effective leasing option available from a range of finance providers.

Wealth Creation Loans

Many of our clients use a wealth creation loan in conjunction with a Wealth Creation Plan. It’s a very flexible structure. Your loan can be custom-designed to your individual circumstances and set up with several different accounts. These can cover things like your home loan, property investment finance, cash & shares.

This structure allows you to easily change your mix of products as circumstances dictate, moving your money around with minimal fees and paperwork.

Whatever type of finance you need, our experienced, accredited team can find you cost-effective options appropriate to your situation and handle all the detail on your behalf, saving you time, money and hassle.

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There’s a smarter way to secure finance

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How Ethica Can Help YouBetter Financial Planning is in Our DNA

Budget and Saving Plans

How do you balance the costs of today while simultaneously protecting your financial future?

The first step is creating a budget and savings plan.

Superannuation: The Super Way To Save

Super is still one of the most tax effective savings vehicles available and while you’re aged 35 to 55 it’s crucial you utilise it to your best advantage for a comfortable retirement.

Lending: For more than just your Mortgages

Whether it’s for your first or multiple homes, cars, investments or business ventures, the key with loans is to find the most appropriate deal for your circumstances.

Wealth Creation: Invest in Your Future

With strong earning capacity and a clear wealth creation strategy, you have the potential to set yourself up for the kind of lifestyle you desire.

Insurance: Get Protected

Protecting yourself and your family with the right insurance can help ensure that whatever happens to you, your health or your earning capacity, the things you care about will be looked after.

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