55+: Asset Protection and Lifestyle Planning

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When you’re over the age of 55, how you spend your money becomes even more important as you prepare for retirement. As well as meeting your lifestyle wishes (European river cruise, anyone?), making contributions to superannuation or investments to ensure you have a comfortable retirement are paramount.

Once you reach this milestone age you may also be entitled to certain benefits that can help your financial situation.

When determining how much money you will need to retire comfortably, you need to consider the kind of lifestyle you want to lead.

For instance, people who want to dine out at quality restaurants a few times a week will need more than people who have the occasional lunch at a coffee shop. People who regularly go on round the world trips will need more than people who love holidaying in a caravan.

Whatever you seek, the team at Ethica can assess your current situation and provide advice on how to best fund your goals. Speaking with a financial planner at Ethica Private Wealth Specialists will help you effectively plan for your upcoming retirement and other goals so that you may enjoy your ideal lifestyle now and into the future.

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How Ethica Can Help YouBetter Financial Planning is in Our DNA

Budget and Saving Plans

A budget and savings plan can be a key factor in minimising non-beneficial spending and identifying extra money you can use to reach your goals.

Asset Protection: relevant insurance for over 55

This is particularly important for those who haven’t yet paid off their mortgage, have other forms of debt and/or dependent family members. Being over 55, insurance can help you protect your last ‘earning years’ to see out your savings and investment plans.

Superannuation: The Key

For most people over 55, super forms a critical part of retirement planning. By now you have a limited amount of time and earning potential to generate the retirement assets/income you want, so maximising the advantages of superannuation is key.

Wealth Creation: It’s not too late

Although you may be nearing the end of your working years, it’s not too late to look at your wealth building options to fund your aspirations. However, without the luxury of years of compounding, your investment decisions are very important.

The Aged Pension: Can you receive it?

The Federal Government has made some changes to the aged pension in recent years, with further changes currently on the drawing board. The team at Ethica keeps up to date with the latest requirements for receiving a part or full aged pension, so we can answer your questions.

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