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When planning for the future we understand that it’s not all about the money, rather it’s ultimately about setting you and your family up for opportunities and a desirable lifestyle, and to do that you need to ensure you have the funds to meet your current and future needs. We can show you how.

The services we provide are to give you the most relevant and useful information so that you can make informed decisions for your own financial future to reach your particular short- and long-term goals.

We know what it’s like to want to improve your situation and how great it feels when you reach your goals. It’s our calling to help you experience the joy and relief of financial security so that you can say ‘yes’ to more opportunities and can leave money stresses behind.

The team at Ethica are completely committed to providing an ethical, individual and personalised service and making your association with us not only financially rewarding, but an all-round positive experience.

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With over two decades of experience, you know your financial future is in safe hands with the team at Ethica

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Ultimate Flexibility

With literally thousands of investment options to choose from, our team can find what’s right for you

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Your financial advisor is based right here on the Sunshine Coast, right across from Sunshine Plaza in Maroochydore

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What Makes Us Different?

There are many paths that can lead to financial success, but the one YOU need is the one that will work for YOU and your goals. Ethica’s approach to financial planning involves asking lots of questions so that we truly understand your circumstances and aspirations and can identify the right financial strategies for your personal situation.

When you partner with us, be prepared to discuss your current position, your goals and resources, what is working for you and what you would change if you could – in detail. Don’t feel embarrassed if you think your finances aren’t where they should be – we won’t judge you at all because it’s our job is to help you improve things!

Our Fee Structure

Financial planning is a valuable service, which can significantly impact upon your financial security. Before proceeding with any financial strategies, we clearly outline costs and any benefits we receive so that you can be confident in knowing that the advice given has only your best interests and financial future in mind, and that there are no hidden extras or kickbacks.

We focus on quality advice suited to your requirements and fees are charged accordingly.

The team at Ethica Private Wealth Specialists would love to help with your investment planning and invite you to a free consultation to discuss your goals further.

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We promise to put your needs first

The team at Ethica Private Wealth Specialists focus on you and your financial needs and provide you with strategic advice to reach your goals.

Freedom Through Choice

Unlike some financial planners that may be restricted to recommending the products of a particular financial institution (and have sales targets for said products), Ethica Private Wealth Advisors are not limited to the products of a single bank or institution – allowing them to focus on finding the solution suited to your needs.

With access to a range of finance, insurance and investment options you can be guaranteed that the strategic advice given to you is based on your needs and desires; we work for you, not the institutions.

Because Integrity Matters

We promise to always act ethically, honestly and responsibly with everything we do for you and your finances.

We cannot promise our services will always be the cheapest available or give you the highest possible returns, but we promise that at all times we will do our utmost to achieve your financial goals. We will always recommend that you don’t take any action to implement our recommendations until you feel totally comfortable with both the strategy and with us.

What to Expect

When developing a financial plan for you, known as a Statement of Advice, your Ethica financial planner will follow a structured process to help understand your needs and recommend an appropriate strategy using your currently available resources.

The six step financial planning process is as follows:


Gather your financial info


Identify your goals


Identify financial issues


Prepare your financial plan


Implement the recommendations based on your financial plan


Review and revise the plan at regular intervals or when circumstances change.

To get started on your wealth-building journey and improve your finances, contact the team at Ethica Private Wealth Specialists to book in a complementary consultation. We’ll show you best steps to reach your financially secure future.
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